Roll Whatever

We have always been outcasts. When growing up, a nice old man let us skateboard on the concrete floors of the closed dairy factory turned private home, where he was living. But our student counsellor who was living in the neighboring house would come running and shouting, protesting against us making too much noise. He would bang at the doors while we were hiding inside trying to remember if all the doors were locked, afraid for our lives.

After the old dairy factory was sold, the only skate spot was behind the local hotel. After threatening with calling the police the hotel owner started a false rumor of us stealing bottles from his backyard and smashing them behind the hotel. This made our reputation as a menace even worse, but we had to keep sneaking past the backyard door as we had nowhere else to go.

A decade later we still haven't been broken down. We are now a diverse group of electricians, students of math and physics, photographers, social workers, people working through the summer to be able to live and skate in Southern Europe during the winter, and one high school teacher.